Please note that my blog articles are related to the German red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris). As there are many different species in other countries, the information I share here might not apply to all of them.

Squirrel food box building instructions

4. Jan 2020

Recently I explained here in the blog how a good feed box should look like.

Have you now got the desire to build your own feed box?

Here are our detailed building instructions, which our publisher has kindly made available to Geolino.

Futterkasten Bauen

Overview of the materials and tools needed

Futterkasten Bauen 1


This is what the finished food box looks like!

Our bird feeder is still very sturdy after more than six years and very popular 🙂

Hang the finished box on the tree, preferably at a height where no cat can reach it if possible, but you can still empty the box (not so easy and we have to hang ours higher too).

Fill with nuts and wait 🙂 Usually the squirrels catch on very quickly how to get to the food!

And should it take a little longer, then put nuts between the lid and the side wall clamp.

4. Jan 2020

Animal communication with wild animals

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We are Heike Adam, designer and painter and Rainer Kauffelt, system administrator and photographer and live in Sulzbach/Taunus near Frankfurt. In the Eichhoernchenblog we would like to share our knowledge about squirrels as well as show the photos we take almost daily of our Sulzbach squirrels.

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