My animal communication offers

You want to know what your pet wants to tell you and build a deeper relationship with her / him?

Or do you have a message you would like to share with your animal companion?

Then book the right offer for you and let me talk to her / him.

Heike Adam Tierkommunikationsangebote
Heike Adam Katze

What is animal communication?

Have you always wished you could understand what your animal is telling you? And build a deeper relationship with her / him?

I can help you with that and ask her / him your questions and then send you what she / he answers. With animal communication, this is possible!

Animal communication is a telepathic ability and intuitive reading of the animal’s energy field, via a heart-to-heart connection. This also works from a distance and I only need one or two photos of your animal where I can see the eyes. Distance doesn’t matter, animal communication works worldwide!!!

For example, I can prepare your animal for changes, e.g. a move or an upcoming vacation or if an additional animal is to be included in the household.

Or are you traveling by plane with your dog or cat? Animal communication can also help here and I can prepare your animal for this flight.

Animal communication is also ideal for all sorts of (behavioral) problems of the animal and also for anxiety.

Please contact me via my email when you are interested in my offer. Then we’ll see how I can help your animal. I look forward to it!

Additional information I need from you

For the animal communication I need 1-2 photos of your animal, where I can see the eyes and some information like age, breed, is it intact or castrated, how long has it been with you etc.

And of course I need the questions I should ask your animal.

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Heike Adam Kommunikation

Animal Communication (60 minutes)

One communication with your animal (pet or wild animal) with up to 10 questions. I am talking with the animal and I am asking the questions you have for him/her and inform you afterwards about his/her answers. 

After the reading, you will receive a written report of the animal communication. You will also receive a video from me in which I talk about the reading and tell you my recommendations.

In case needed I am using during the animal communication session quantum healing (two point method) to support the self healing process. This can also be used for harmonization.

USD 347,–

2 1

Soul Talk – Animal Communication Session (60 minutes) with the soul of your transitioned animal

I can connect with the soul of your transitioned animal. To do so, I need a photo of your pet, where I can see his/her eyes.  And I need the questions you want me to ask your pet.

Animal communication works via telepathy and reading in the energy field of the animal. It can also be done when the animal left his body already, as the soul is immortal. Maybe you have still questions to your pet or you were not able to say good bye to your animal when he / she left his / her body. Animal communication can help you with the grieving process and help you to release and let go of your pet. It can also dissolve feelings of guilt.

After my reading I send you a written report about the animal communication plus a video recording where I talk about the session with your transitioned pet.  So you can listen to the video in peace when it suits you and in the place that suits you.

USD 347,–

3 1

Animal Communication Session (30 minutes)

One communication with your animal. I ask your pet your questions and get his / her answers for you. This intuitive reading session lasts about 30 minutes and is ideal if you only have one or a maximum of four questions for your pet. This offer is ideal, for example, if you want to prepare your animal for changes, such as moving houses or going on vacation. Or if you plan to travel by plane with your pet I can prepare her / him for this journey.

After the session, you will receive a written record of the animal talk.

USD 197,–

4 1

Shamanic Spirit Animal Journey

I am making a shamanic journey to find the spirit animal for you or your pet. This lifetime animal totem supports you in everything you do and also guides you. While doing the shamanic journey to find the spirit animal I am supported by my own spirit animal, a squirrel, who always sits on my head!

During the shamanic journey I am getting into the Theta wave of the brain via drum rythm, a sort of trance.

I only need a photo from you or your pet so that I can connect with you energetically during the shamanic journey.

After the shamanic journey I am sending you a PDF with the description of the spirit animal and the messages it has for you.

USD 197,–

Bild Joan Marie

My donation

Protecting nature is one of my highest values! That’s why I donate 10% of my earnings to squirrel sanctuaries. And I donate one tree (or one forest area) per order.

I have been able to support the following organizations, among others:

Filstal squirrels (squirrel sanctuary)

Wilderness International (sponsorship for forest areas in Canada)

Heike Adam Baeume
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This is what enthusiastic customers say!

“Once I started implementing the suggestions she had and started communicating with my dog with the knowledge that he understands everything I say our life changed completely.” 

 This is my dog Humphrey. He’s the youngest of my 3 dogs and around my house he was known as the “misunderstood” one with behavioral issues. He was a big trigger/stressor in my house.

Last week the amazing Heike Adam had a session with Humphrey and did Quantum healing for self-confidence, trust and harmony on him. She also asked him few questions I had for him. After reading her report my mind was blown and my eyes were opened. It was me/my family and our behavior that caused all the tension and problems.

Once I started implementing the suggestions she had and started communicating with my dog with the knowledge that he understands everything I say our life changed completely.

Thank you, Heike for your amazing gift!


Bibiana Czabany Bailey with Humphrey, March 2021

„I am so grateful for Heike’s gift of being able to communicate with animals even over a great distance. We live in Alberta/Canada and Heike helped us greatly with our dog Rocket.”

First I was skeptical about how that should work, but after our first zoom meeting, where I got to know Heike and could ask all my questions, I knew I could fully trust her. She knew what she was talking about and I could sense that she is passionate about her work and that she speaks from her heart.

When I read the communication report about Heike’s and Rocket’s energetic encounter, I was very touched. With Heike’s help I did not only learn to understand Rocket on a new level, I also realized how much he reflects me of my own behaviours. Through the shift within myself, I am now able to bond with Rocket in a new way and interact more effectively. Rocket’s main struggle to face other big dogs in a friendlier manner, is already starting to improve.

Thank you Heike for all your help and your kindness you brought Rocket and us, his family. I appreciate you so much.

Tilly R., Canada

„Recently, after my dog ate some rubber shit that she found somewhere outside and got surgery, I decided we need to “talk” with her somehow to understand why she keeps doing such things. On top of that, we had other communication problems that would be good to solve. So I thought about Heike. What a great experience! The same day Heike talked to my dog, her behavior changed! I’ve never seen my dog sitting on my lap. She is just not a cuddling dog.”

There are other changes in our relationships I am happy with!

 And literally can’t recognize my dog now:

– she gives balls back (hadn’t done it before – finally we can play!)

– she doesn’t pull the leash (such a pleasure to walk)

– she also walks without leash next to us or so. So no problems now to let her of the leash. Even when she ran to a bear, I was confident she will be back.

– she sits, and lies and wait when we ask

– she sits and lies on our laps (she didn’t like such things before)

The communication between us is definitely way better. It makes our life way easier and fun!

Such a huge change for us. We definitely reconnected with our dog. So if you have any questions to your pets, highly recommend to chat with Heike!

 Thank you, Heike, again!!!!

Yulia Gladysheva, Canada

„Because I understood the animals better, through what Heike received from them in the sessions, I was in turn able to help them better.“

I got to know Heike through my work with the squirrels. She took over one of the first sponsorships for one of my squirrels. It didn’t stop with a sponsorship, and Heike was always particularly fond of the very sick squirrels. I’ve had a few bad cases in which Heike offered me animal communication with the respective animal. I have known animal communication myself for years and have dealt with it myself, but I am not able to do it myself. I can’t describe how much Heike helped me with it. Not just me, but ultimately my animals too. Because I understood the animals better, through what Heike received from them in the sessions, I was in turn able to help them better. Until now Heike has accompanied me and my squirrels again and again. She helps them through quantum healing and transmits her knowledge to me. I thank Heike very much… really very much for what she does for me and my beloved squirrels. 


Tanja and the Filstal squirrels

„Even I am not always standing in front of the animals with many question marks and can better understand their behavior when Heike tells me how they feel and what has happened.“

Injured squirrels keep coming to me. Often they are so badly injured or traumatized that I simply don’t know how to best help them. Some time ago Heike offered me to communicate with these animals. At first I was a little skeptical, but I’m so happy to have confident in her. Some squirrels have already benefited from animal communication and quantum healing. They almost always felt better a short time after Heike had communicated with them. Many began to eat independently again, others became a lot more relaxed and accepted my treatment. Even I am not always standing in front of the animals with many question marks and can better understand their behavior when Heike tells me how they feel and what has happened. I am really happy to have found such competent help. Thank you very much for that. 


Squirrel help center Bergisch Gladbach, Gerlinde Heimann

„I am so grateful to Heike for the communications and the accompanying quantum healing, which was so successful that I can hardly believe it. I got goosebumps when the fox showed up again after every communication.“ 

I asked Heike for help in the spring of this year. It was about a female fox who has been coming to our garden regularly for four years and about whom I was worried. The reason was that she had been missing since October 2019 and also had an injured leg. I just wanted to know if she was still alive and how she was doing. The detailed story can be read on Heike’s Facebook page “Heike Adam Eichhörnchenblog / Tierkommunikation mit Eichhörnchen”. The story in her podcast is even nicer. I am so grateful to Heike for the communications and the accompanying quantum healing, which was so successful that I can hardly believe it. I got goosebumps when the fox showed up again after every communication. I am glad and happy about the experience that I was able to make with Heike. And thanks to the power animal that the fox “Silvia” also received, she is now well protected. 


Susanne Simon, Homburg


Have you always wanted to know how to speak with wild animals?

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Does the animal have to be on site, so sit next to you, in order that animal communication works?

No this is not necessary. Animal communication works via telepathy, an intuitive feeling over a distance. I only need a photo of the animal, where I can see the eyes.

It works remotely, and my clients are located all over the world! They are located in Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada and Australia!

How soon can I get an appointment with you?

Animal communication is “energy work”. This means that I talk with the animal intuitively, energetically. That’s why I only offer a few appointments per week. It may be that I put you on my waiting list and you wait about 1 to 2 weeks for an appointment. Since I want to be well grounded and full of energy for this work myself, I will only give you an approximate date (e.g. beginning of the week) on which I will do the animal communication. Sometimes, e.g. during the time of the full moon and the new moon, I am affected by the moon and I am not able to do a good animal communication. That’s why I only do this when I am full of energy myself in order to achieve the best result for you and your animal!

If it’s urgent, please let me know. So that I can see how it could be planned in.

When you do the animal communication with my animal, will I be present? Do we talk to each other, e.g. via Zoom and you make the animal communication and give me the answers from my animal right away?

No, I do the animal communication without you being present. That way I can concentrate better on the animal and the results are better too.

You will receive a written report from me after the animal communication. And, depending on the offer, I will send you a video where I talk about my communication with your pet and about ideas that I have to improve the situation.

herz rot

I work according to the ethic code of animal communicator Penelope Smith from the USA. This means that I only speak to pets when I have permission to do so from the pet owner. At the beginning of an animal communication session, I always ask the animal (regardless of whether it is a pet or a wild animal) if it would like to talk to me.

Disclaimer: Please note that animal communication cannot replace a visit to the veterinarian. I can’t diagnose for illnesses either. I can’t make any promises of healing either. The two-point method / quantum healing mentioned aims to strengthen the self-healing powers.