Heike Adam

About me

I am Heike Adam, squirrel whisperer, animal communicator, artist, author and podcaster.

I live in Sulzbach/Taunus near Frankfurt in a house with a wonderful garden and a beautiful cedar.

Ueber Heike Adam
Heike Adam ueber mich

Animals have always been part of my life. Thanks to my parents, I was allowed to grow up with animals. First we had budgies and golden hamsters.

And at the age of six, a very big dream of mine came true – we got a cat. I am very grateful and happy that I was allowed to grow up with this cat. When she died, a new cat came to us.

Today we no longer have any pets, but we do have a garden full of squirrels and other wildlife. Squirrels and all other wild animals are my great passion.

How I discovered animal communication…

I started with a basic course in animal communication at the beginning of 2019 and in December 2019 with a one-year master course in animal communication. I completed this in December 2020 with an exam and a certificate!

I started with animal communication because of the squirrels!

A colleague had told me about animal communication and Pia Mayen, who trains people in animal communication. I found that very interesting. But I didn’t really care that much because I don’t have any pets. But then I read a blog post by Pia. It was about how she uses animal communication with wild animals to avoid having a wild animal jump into her car.

Zertifikat Tierkommunikation Heike Adam

And then I suddenly realized, wow, you can do that with wild animals too! Then it works for squirrels too! And that’s how I became an animal communicator. During the training I realized that I am an animal empath, so I can feel well into animals. Animal communication is my calling! I love helping animals and my motto is “the animals need me”.

I have had many successes through animal communication. Through quantum healing, I was able to help many animals to strengthen their self-healing powers and thus heal faster.

By the way, I talk to all kinds of animals, whether pets or wild animals. I’ve had the privilege of speaking to dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and parrots. But also with squirrels, foxes, bats, mice, spiders, rats, wasps, among others.

I am also very interested in shamanism and during my animal communication training I learned how to do shamanic journeys. To find a spirit animal for humans and animals that supports and constantly accompanies them in everything.

Since then I also know that the squirrel is my spirit animal. Of course, that wasn’t a big surprise. By the way, my spirit animal squirrel always sits on my head and accompanies me in everything I do and gives me wonderful impulses!

In addition to German customers, I also have international customers who come from Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Eichhoernchen Garten

How my passion for squirrels started…

We came across the squirrels quite by coincidence as we moved into a house where they have always lived in the garden. We started to feed them and then the squirrels have come in large numbers to visit us. Little by little I developed a great passion for squirrels.

In the squirrel blog on my homepage as well as on my Facebook squirrel blog page and in my podcast  I pass on my knowledge about squirrels and show the photos of our “Sulzbach squirrels”.

In 2016, I and my husband Rainer Kauffelt published a book about squirrels in which we share our knowledge about these animals, mixed with funny stories and lots of photos! It is available in every (German) bookstore, but only available in German.

We’ve also been on television – on Hessischer Rundfunk and on RTL Regional. The newspapers have also written about us, including the Frankfurter Rundschau and the Höchster Kreisblatt.

My big goal is to help the squirrels, nature, wildlife and trees and forests. That’s why I keep raising awareness and donating 10% of my earnings to squirrel sanctuaries. I also donate one tree per order, which also gives me a lot of joy!

I keep getting asked what I love about squirrels. I love her nature and her quick movements, her great cock and especially the cute ear brushes. They give me strength and when I’m sick they contribute to my recovery by just being there and visiting me. here is a very special relationship between us and friendship and attraction! Yes, it is my spirit animal!!!

My other passions…

Of course I have other passions! Painting and Italy, which I often combine with each other. And I love to travel! As an artist, I love the colors, especially all the reds and oranges! Because color is energy too! Painting is good for my soul and relaxes me, and the colorful artworks are good for my soul too! Lately I’ve also been loving painting animals and I also paint spirit animals for my clients!


Have you always wanted to know how to speak with wild animals?