Please note that my blog articles are related to the German red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris). As there are many different species in other countries, the information I share here might not apply to all of them.

My spirit animal

2. Jul 2020

My spirit animal that accompanies me throughout my life

Last weekend I was at my animal communication seminar again. It was the first time since the lock down that we could meet.

And this time, one of the most beautiful course contents was on the program, the shamanic spirit animal journey to find our own spirit animal!!!

In the shamanic spirit animal journey, you go into a trance (theta phase of the brain) through drum rhythms. Before going on this shamanic journey, you set an intention. Our intention was to find our spirit animal. And then you look for a hole or a branch hole and dive into the underworld and go on a journey.

Yes, and for me it was quite a surprise what my spirit animal is, which accompanies me all my life!

It is…

Well, it’s really…

Now it comes…

It is a squirrel!!!

What a surprise!!! I think Pia, our instructor and the other participants – we affectionately call ourselves “wolves” because our group spirit animal is the wolf – were surprised too 😊.

My spirit animal, the squirrel always sits on my head 😀 And accompanies me everywhere and supports me in everything. It is of course also there when I make an animal communication! This then looks like the picture I painted for it!

2. Jul 2020

Animal communication with wild animals

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We are Heike Adam, designer and painter and Rainer Kauffelt, system administrator and photographer and live in Sulzbach/Taunus near Frankfurt. In the Eichhoernchenblog we would like to share our knowledge about squirrels as well as show the photos we take almost daily of our Sulzbach squirrels.

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